TCA Software Pack
TCA User Manual


created by:
Dr. Eng. Razvan Ion Preda and

Trichromatic Colour Analyser (TCA) is the first distributable software system that turns scanners into colorimeters. It was created in the Department of Imaging and Printing Technology of the Faculty of Science of Chulalongkorn University and is the first scientific software package ever released in Chulalongkorn University till 2012. The software package was finalized in the newly created Colour Research and Multimedia Laboratory organized by Dr. Pichayada Katemake.

TCA can control an unlimited number of Twain compatible scanners from a single screen by simply switching the data source option in the menu. The tools provided in the software package combined with the program modules of the software offer the possibility to set up scanners as colorimeters. Unlike colorimeters, which can measure only limited colour areas due to their fixed aperture of the measurement port, TCA can measure any size between 0,07 sqmm to 100 sqcm.

The greatest advantage offered by TCA is the possibility to measure the colour on flexible sized areas. The system can be used for Colour Identification, Colour Quality Control, Trichromatic Colour Analysis, Trichromatic Colour Matching and for performing a long list of colorimetric calculations that exploit its unique feature of measuring flexible sized areas. Calculation modules are continuously extended and improved. TCA uses digitized values for Munsell, Resene, Crayola and NBS-ISCC colour dictionaries that fit in the TCA colour space.

Trichromatic Color Analyser is a Software System in the cathegory of Computational Physics, in the field of Colorimetry (trichromatic colour measurement and analysis). The required device is a Flatbed Scanner with linear response (the system is optimized for Epson GT 20000 Flatbed Scanner). It runs under Windows 32 or 64 bit computer operating systems: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7.